Annual Governance and Accountability Return


For 2018-19 Moulsoe Parish Council meet the criteria to certify themselves exempt from a limited assurance review. The Certificate of Exemption has been sent to the external auditors PKF Littlejohn, the external auditors appointed for 2018-19. The relevant sections of the return can be found on the Transparency Code page.

It is a requirement that the accounts must be made available for inspection by any person interested, during a period of 30 working days set by the smaller authority and including the first 10 working days of July.  The Notice of Public Rights can be found here . The period will run from 18 June to 29 July. A summary of your rights can be found here.

2017-18 Confirmation of the conclusion of the Limited Assurance Review

Sections 1 & 2 of the Annual Governance Statement can be found here AGAR 1 & 2 and the Final External Auditor report here.

Last updated 17 June 2019