Internal Auditor Needed

We require an internal auditor to audit Moulsoe Parish Council’s annual accounts for the year ending 31 March 2017.  Draft accounts are currently being prepared for approval for internal and external audit.

Moulsoe Parish Council’s annual accounts record around a dozen transactions during the year and the internal auditor is required to confirm appropriate accounting records have been kept properly throughout the year.  In particular, the internal audit needs to check that the parish council has met its financial regulations, that payments were supported by invoices and properly approved and budgeted; that the precept or rates requirement resulted from an adequate budgetary process and progress against budget was regularly monitored; that periodic and year-end bank reconciliations were properly carried out; and account statements were prepared on the correct accounting basis, supported by an adequate audit trail.

If you have a bookkeeping or accounting background and you have a up to two hours free in May or June 2017 to volunteer, please contact Elizabeth Taylor, Parish Clerk on 07980 793565 or email


Last updated 24 April 2017.