Play Area Improvement Project

Moulsoe Parish Council has been working to raise funds to make significant improvements to the play area at Moulsoe Millennium Hall to benefit the children of Moulsoe.  The parish has set aside some funds and has secured funding from both Milton Keynes Council and landfill charity, WREN.

 The majority of the funding from WREN is conditional upon us being able to evidence the involvement of Moulsoe Residents in the decisions on design and equipment.  Many residents have been kind enough to answer doorstep questions and to support our discussions about our plans, but now, as we move to the final stages of design we need your input specifically.

 We need your help to bring this project to life for the children of Moulsoe, both present and future.

 We will have a slot at our annual parish meeting to discuss this project and we would really appreciate it if you could join in.  The meeting starts at 9pm tomorrow, Tuesday, 9 May at Moulsoe Millennium Hall.  If you cannot join the meeting, download our questionnaire for your to complete and return to The Parish Clerk c/o The Old Rectory, just opposite the church, or to Parish Councillor, Nicola Crush at Schoolyard House.

 Or email your feedback to or, by the end of the May.

 Please note, if we cannot evidence that we collected your thoughts and ideas, we may not be able to access the funds that have been put aside for us, so please, help us make this happen, by letting us have your views.


Last updated 8 May 2017.